Directly leverage Nrwl's Angular expertise

Ship more features in less time

Nrwl Connect is a new product now in Beta, where you can access Nrwl's industry-leading experts for guidance on your projects within Angular Console, plus get premium content and training resources.

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We’re currently in a private beta period with select customers. Our public launch is coming up! Get on the list to access Connect, once it’s fully available.

Angular Experts are a click away

Nrwl Connect makes it easy to get help from Nrwl experts in the context of your Angular workspace within Angular Console.

No more asking questions on Stack Overflow and hoping for the best. Regardless of your team size, and whether you’re an experienced or new developer, you’ll want to access this product.

Start using Angular Console

Angular Console is, first and foremost, a more approachable way to work with the Angular CLI. Our advanced tooling in the Connect product helps you troubleshoot your Angular challenges rapidly, with confidence that you’re making the right choices with your architecture and code. When building your project with Angular Console, you can use Nrwl Connect to access quick support.

Angular Console is free and open-source, you can download it from

Train your teams

Not only will your team get support to adopt proven best practices, developed by the engineers at Google, and the Angular team - but you’ll also get timely guidance to help you make the right architectural choices.

Achieve better business outcomes

Connect will help you and your team to save time and build better software. It will also ensure your team is on the same page, using the same best practices. Your software will be better, and your business outcomes greater, by reducing training and re-work as overhead.

Acquire greater insights

Collaboration and transparency are an ongoing Enterprise concern. While large organizations shift their focus to team autonomy, it is often hard to balance the need to share ideas, patterns, and code across teams. Connect helps teams address collaboration by providing trusted best practices, directly from industry experts.


Experts on Call

Experts on Call

Build with Angular applications with the guidance of our experts.

In-app Context

In-app context

All the context needed, so you get the Angular support you need.

Premium Content

Access to premium content

Gain access to private live events and relevant technology insights and recommendations.

Educational Benefits

Educational benefits

Learn about the Angular ecosystem while building your project.

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